Writer. Gamer. Community organizer. Architect. Lawyer. Archivist. Artist. Hacker. Researcher. Filmmaker. Journalist. Comedian. Strategist.

On meeting members of USC Annenberg’s Civic Media Fellowship cohorts, the diversity of their initiatives, activities, and passions may initially be more apparent than what they have in common. But as journalist and lawyer Josie Duffy Rice reflected, “When I was in the room with the people that I did this fellowship with, I was like, ‘I understand why we're all in the same room. I couldn't sum up our work in one sentence, but I understand why each of you are here, and I have so much to learn from each of you.’”

On the one hand, the concept of civic media offers a lens through which to understand what unites the fellows, because it grounds the fellowship they all applied for and now participate in. On the other hand, it remains a slippery term that provokes a range of definitions and reactions. What exactly is civic media? And how does it relate to the wide range of work done by Annenberg’s fellows?

By: Cerianne Robertson

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